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This Customer Support site gives you quick access, to make changes, and modifications to your order, or to report an issue with an order you have received from us via Urgent Requests.

For help in placing your order, we have a Quick Guide & Helpful Hints, to assist you with most of the common questions and concerns.  If this did not help, please scroll down and use our General Inquiries / Contact Information link located near the bottom of this page.


Urgent Requests

Since all orders are processed electronically as soon as they are submitted, the time frame to make changes is often only several hours and rarely exceeds 24 hours.

If you made a mistake on your order, or wish to make other changes, it is imperative that you click on the appropriate button below.

This will send you to a form (and once submitted), will place an immediate hold on your order; at its current stage in the fulfillment process.

This system increases the likelihood of being able to complete your request. For this reason, we do not accept phone calls or emails to perform these time sensitive requests.





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