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Add items to the order



Due to the large selection of personalization options, developing a form to handle all the fonts, colours, logo's and engraving or embroidery styles, would be cumbersome and impractical.

The procedure to add items to your order is as follows:

1) Place a new order for the add-ons at:

    www.hugeweddingsavings-canada.com  (Canada)

    www.hugeweddingsavings-usa.com       (USA and International)

2) Immediately fill out our combine order form at:

Combine Two Orders

into a Single Shipment


If the first order has not shipped, your orders will be combined, and your invoice will be adjusted for the new total, less the shipping cost difference. 

If the first order has already been shipped, then the second order will be shipped (with no adjustment for the shipping difference).

If the orders can't be combined and you wish to cancel the second order, if the orders cannot be combined, please state this in the comment field of the "Combine Two Orders" Form.


Note: The above method is the most efficient means of requesting a change in your order.  Not following these procedures will cause further delays in processing and facilitating any necessary changes to your order.  This system was devised to send the appropriate information to the correct department as quickly as possible.  Please be patient after submitting your request, as our Customer Care Team is very busy accommodating our customers' special requests.  Every couple and every wedding is important to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


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