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 Add Items to an Order or Combine Orders 



Our customers find that sometimes they have just submitted an order and realize they need more of a particular item or actually forgot to order something they meant to, or see something else they would like to add to their order.

To change the quantity of an item ordered, please Click Here and choose "Change Item Quantity or Delete an Item Button".

To order something different or an item that was forgotten during ordering, please Click Here and choose "Add Item(s) to the Order" Button.


For customers who have placed a second order and have not yet received their first order, they may want to try and save a few dollars on shipping by combining the orders.  In many cases, if this is not done within a short time frame of the first order, it is quite possible it will not be able to be combined.  Also, depending on if the personalization is automatically fed into the printing machine at the time of submitting the order, or not, and what stage the personalization is at, will determine if the orders can be combined.  All our customers can do is proceed and if it can be accommodated it will and  if not they will have to accept the second shipping fee.

Click here and choose "Combine Two Orders into a Single Shipment" Button.

Note:  It is most important to us to help all our couples receive their items in the most timely fashion.  Due to couples leaving for out of town destinations and requiring their items sometimes well in advance of their wedding, or last minute decisions on items, holding up an order to add items or to combine an order can create a break in the order process and causes the automated system to become a manual one.  In most cases this will add time delays and in most cases cause an order to arrive after it's first estimated delivery date.  For all orders placed within 2 - 3 weeks of the wedding date, we suggest that our customers do not ask for orders to be combined, but rather place a new order to be treated completely separate from the first.  The stress of not receiving an order for the sake of saving a few dollars in shipping, might not be worth it to our couples.

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