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Order Changes Required 


  • Need the quantity of an item changed or an item deleted from your order.  Click Here and choose "Change Item Quantity or Delete an Item" button.

  • Wrong information such as shipping address, Click Here and choose "Address Correction" button.

  •  Wrong personalization info was given, Click Here and choose "Personalization Correction" button.

  • Need to Cancel your whole order, Click Here and choose "Cancel Order" button.

  • Want to combine two orders.  Click Here and choose "Combine Two Orders into a Single Shipment" button.

Procedure to follow for the above situations:

For any of the above situations our customers need to follow the above links as quickly as possible.

Our Customers need to fill in the HWS Customer Ticket Form with as much accurate information as possible and try and submit within the first 30 minutes after submitting their order.

Our Policy:

Our web site attempts to be as informative in both showcasing items and describing them in details to best inform our customers.  Our checkout procedure allows multiple opportunities to check and re-check customer information, products chosen, product quantities, personalization and shipping information before the order is submitted.

This has been done for a few reasons:

  • Mistakes that can cost our customers time and money, if they are not caught and corrected before the order is submitted.

  • We have fully automated procedures in place, and orders enter the processing queue very quickly; leaving little time to make changes.

When a change is needed, the order shifts from an automated process, to a more labor intensive manual process.  This will likely add a few days to the delivery of your order.

We reserve the right add a $3.00 fee, to partially recover the cost for this service.

We are unable to make changes to your order, after your order has gone to our shipping department.  Also, once an item has been personalized, it cannot be changed or cancelled.

Once our Customer's request has been received to make a change, the request will go to the appropriate department.  We will notify our customer if the change can or cannot be accommodated, usually within 24 hours.

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