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How Long to Receive An Order

(Processing and Delivery Time Frames)



Our ordering process is very easy and fast. It is very useful for customers to check how long delivery times and costs are for different shipping methods.

For a complete step by step walk through on placing an order or to find out how much an order total will be click on this link: Order Total Before Submitting / How much will the total be?

Once you have clicked on Proceed to Checkout while placing your order, you can follow step 4 below.

Step 4:
By Selecting your Country and Province or State along with your "Shipping Method" choice, this will auto fill Shipping and taxes into the final Order, "Summary" and show your order Total.

Calculate Shipping

Note: "Shipping Method" should be selected for time frame available for our couples and for how fast they wish to receive their order. We recommend "Urgent" for all couples who's weddings are under 3 weeks from the wedding date. This allows time for any delivery delays or courier mix-ups etc. If ordering chocolate bars we recommend ordering at the very minimum no less than 6 weeks before the wedding, allowing time for delivery and any other items needed.


"Summary" This is another opportunity to "View Bag" contents.
Our customers are not committed to ordering and can add other items if they wish by using the Back button in the browser, or they may proceed to "Submit" their order after filling in their Credit card and other information, all from this single page.

"Have a Promo Code" Our site works on 20% year round discount on all products and does not offer Promo codes. (Please see our section on Discounts/Sales/Promo Codes)

"Add on Shipping Insurance"

Check the box on the following sentence:
I would like to protect my items from shipping breakage by adding shipping insurance (+$2.95 CAD Fee)

You Have Saved: With HUGE WEDDING SAVINGS (WONDERFUL WEDDING WAREHOUSE) the Summary page will also provide our customer with how much they have saved by shopping with our discount prices.

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