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Discount Policy:

t Wonderful Wedding Warehouse (Huge Wedding Savings) we appreciate the expense of a wedding and we do our best to offer the best deal we can. This is why we offer 20% off all items 365 days a year.

We have a year round discount of 20% off the regular retail price of all items.  We also offer up to 43% off some bulk item tiers.

We are unable to offer further discounts above our top quantity tier, nor do we offer any further discounts for businesses or other retailers.  We adhere to the principals of pricing fairness for all of our customers, with no hidden deals, or other gimmicks.

In addition to our discount prices, the manufacturer will sometimes have additional sales on selected items which will lower our price even more.  For these items we cannot predict when the sales will be on or over, since it is up to the manufacturer.

Every product has it's own page and options that are available for that item. The options may include personalization choices, colors, sizing and or price tiers for ordering in bulk. Each color choice or size is classified as a different item and have their own shopping cart and they cannot be grouped together under one price tier to obtain a higher discount level. Each product choice is considered a unique item.

Discount Pricing from First Checkout Page: 

A note to some customers who may be confused by the checkout process and are not seeing the low discount price from the product page. When you proceed to checkout, there are 2 columns of pricing. The first column shows the unit price a customer would have paid at full value. (This total shows in red and is crossed out.)  Below this, is the actual cost the customer is paying for the quantity they ordered at the discount price as shown on the product page.

The example below shows how the Discount pricing looks in Checkout. This is a sample only and may not be indicative of items actual price.

The Antique Style Key bottle opener is priced at $ 2.62 Cad each on the product page if ordering 48 - 95. If 55 are ordered the total would be $ 144.10 (Electronic rounding puts it at $ 144.32)

The Bride & Groom Candy Favor Bags are priced at $ 19.58 per package of 12 on the product page if ordering 4 - 7 packages. So if 7 packages are ordered the total would be 7 x $ 19.58 = $137.06. (Electronic rounding puts it at $137.09)

The mini Treasure Chest is priced at $ 17.84 for packages of 6 on the product page when ordering 8 - 11 packages. So if 9 are required, 9 X $ 17.84 =  $ 160.56

The Item Subtotal at the bottom of the order shows the discounted subtotal. ($ 579.06)

When reaching the final check out pages, you will see the dollar amount saved by purchasing through Huge Wedding Savings.

Promo Codes: 

Due to our Everyday low pricing and special sale items, we do not affer Promotional codes.  We feel it is best to stay with our one price structured discount rather than offer promo codes at certain times of the year.

Note:  There is an increased prevalence of web sites, who's purpose is to provide fake coupon codes for the purpose of generating advertising revenue.  We have never offered promo / coupon codes, and if you find one; the promo / coupon code is fake and will not work on our site.  It is only due to the template structure of the site that the field still exists and is showing.

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