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We will be happy to answer any questions that you may have about our products.

Our product pages are already full of details, and may already have the answer you are looking for.  Please check out the following features of our product pages, to see if the answer to your question is only one click away.

Many of our web pages offer more than one view of a product.  If available, these thumbnails will be displayed below the main image and can contain ideas on how the item can be used.  The images can be enlarged for a closer view.

Cake Topper

Product Details, Personalization, Reviews, Product Q & A:

The product image below, could be up to four arrowed pull down menus.  Product details will give more information about the item along with sizing and special descriptive characteristics.

Product Details

Some items such as some cake toppers can have part of teh item that can be personalized/customized with hair color to suite the couple.

There are also "REVIEWS" that can aid our customer's decision in choosing the right item for their occassion.

If our customers still have any Questions about a Product, they can find answers to questions that other customers have asked.  If their answer is not there they can ask a question themselves.  Don't forget to enter your email address so you will receive a personal response.

Product Questions

Cannot Find a Specific Item:

All items that we currently carry are displayed on our site.  If you are unable to locate an item from the search box (using a description or product number), or by browsing the site, then it is very likely that the item is not available from us, or has been discontinued. 

If you require additional information on an item that we carry, please click on our general inquiry button, and be sure to provide a clear description of the item, and preferably the item number, and we will answer your question concerning that item.

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