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Receipt of Damaged Goods / Missing Items or Mistakes to Order



In the rare instance your parcel was damaged in transit, or items are missing, or if there is some mistake with your order, please notify us immediately by:

Clicking Here and choosing "Order was Delivered Problem with Order" button.

If you have a digital camera, please attach a photo showing the damage or the mistake that was made and attach these to the form you submit from the above links.  Also include any photos of parcels that appeared to have been damaged on route.  We use these photos as a record to improve our procedures for Quality Control and for proof of damage with our shipper.

We will have the item(s) replaced and shipped to you at no additional cost.


If you are missing some items, please check the shipping label, to see if your order is part of a multi-piece shipment.  If this is the case, please allow an additional few days, as multi-piece shipments sometimes get separated on route.

In this case, the remaining parcel(s) should arrive within the next few business days.  The only exception is chocolate bars, which are shipped directly from the Chocolate Bar factory and could be a few weeks behind any other items purchased.


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