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Why are you not Receiving Emails / Correspondence



Checking for Emails: Spam & Junk Folders

Due to various, different and complex email software or programs designed to filter out spam and junk mail, it is common for many legitimate emails from companies, family and friends to end up in your junk/spam folders by error. It is a good practice to look in these folders frequently, especially when expecting emails from someone in particular.

Order Confirmations:

Within a few minutes of submitting your order, if you correctly entered your email address, you will receive an email copy of your order. If you entered an incorrect email address, which you can tell from your sent email folder, then no order confirmation will be sent to you. Please contact us for an order copy and to make sure your order was submitted.

Why did I not receive an Order Confirmation:

Did you receive an email copy of your order?
Did you provide us with your correct email address? (This is the number one reason why our customers do not receive an order copy or correspondence.) Please make sure your email address is correct in all correspondences.

Tracking an Order:

All orders can be tracked from the copy of your invoice which was emailed to you immediately after your order was placed.

Note: If you did not receive an email copy and /or you do not have an order confirmation (transaction number), then your order was not submitted properly. Before contacting us, please check all your email folders including your spam folder and deleted folder. If you still do not see an order copy, please ask us to check if we received your order. Be sure to provide the name you used on the order, the date you tried submitting the order and your shipping or billing postal code / zip code used. It is likely you will need to place the order again.

How long will it take to receive an answer to an inquiry or “Urgent Request” from the time you submit the question or request:

Our system was devised to send the appropriate information to the correct department as quickly as possible. Please be patient after submitting your request, as our Customer Care Team is very busy accommodating our customers' special requests. Every couple and every wedding is important to us and we will contact you as soon as possible.

General product Questions and pre-order questions are generally answered within 1 business day. (Excluding weekends & Holidays).

“Urgent Requests” for orders already placed that require a change or concern with the order is sent right away to the correct department, but it can still be a full business day before a response is provided to our Customer Care Team that we can relay to our customers. This is due to the chain in departments as well as time zones and the number of Urgent inquires various departments are working on.

Please be patient for answers to all inquiries and requests and allow our team to get back to you. Also please remember to check all spam & junk folders for possible messages already sent to you.


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