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Out of Stock Items



In Stock Items:

With our integrated inventory system, the chance of ordering something that is out of stock is very slim.  Rarely, this can occur if your order depletes the inventory or if someone else happens to order at exactly the same time.

Out of Stock Items:

If you see an out of stock notice, you should also see an estimated date that it will be back in stock.  This is only an estimate, however we will do our best to meet this date.  We will also modify the date if we are informed on any further delays, with restocking an item.

If you click on "notify when back in stock", and give your email address, we will send you an email alerting you that the item is now back in stock.


We are sorry that we cannot guarantee that the item will be back in stock by a certain date; we can only give you a best estimate.  Weddings are stressful enough already, so it's always good practice to allow plenty of time when ordering and always have an alternate choice ready; especially with items that are currently out of stock.

If you have any other questions concerning out of stock items and notifications, please click on our General Inquiry Button.  Please be sure to provide the item number and a clear description of the item you are asking about and we will answer your question about the Out of Stock Item.

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