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Hours of Operation / How long until Inquiries or Requests are handled


Inquiries and requests are answered in order of priority and are normally handled within a 24-36 hour period.  During the peak wedding season, inquiries and requests are sometimes handled after hours and on weekends, to maintain our service standards.

We recommend that you give us as much information as possible that may be relevant to your question.  This will lead to a quicker resolution to your question or concern.  For most topics and questions we provide a Quick "Ticket Inquiry / Request Form" that can be easily filled out within a minute or two and submitted to the appropriate department.  Once you submit the "Ticket Inquiry or Request" you will be given a ticket number with a link that will let you track your reply and provide additional notes if necessary.

For any questions regarding your order, we will need your name, and order number.  The order number always starts with "wond" and is followed by 12 digits.  You will see where to place this information from our easy "Ticket Inquiry/Request Forms".  Just choose the correct or closest "Ticket Button" that covers your type of request

Our Quick "Ticket Inquiry / Request" Forms are the most efficient type of communications for  providing quick and accurate information to the appropriate personnel."  This is very important for the type of requests these forms were designed for. For general product inquires and general questions, your questions may also be answered by email to this "Ticket Inquiry" form  General Inquiries. "Ask a Question Page"

Our Ticket  Inquiry / Request System is open 24/7 and will be answered by priority and the order they are received.

We are closed for the following Holidays All inquiries received during these days will be answered on the first days we re-open.

  • New Year's Day (Canada & USA)

  • Good Friday (Canada)

  • Victoria Day (Canada)

  • Canada Day (Canada & USA)

  • Labour Day (Canada & USA)

  • Thanksgiving Day (Canada & USA)

  • Remembrance Day (Canada)

  • Christmas Day (Canada & USA)

  • Boxing Day (Canada)

During peak wedding season, staff vacations or temporary leave, some timeframes may be extended.  Please know that when using our "Ticket, Inquiry/Request System", that your inquiry has been received and that we are working on your request or the answer to your question.

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