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Understanding Your Order

(Basic Order Information and Finding your Transaction Numbers (Confirmation Numbers))


Order Confirmation Numbers, are also referred to as Transaction Numbers. Every order has a unique number starting with "Wond". (Arrow 1)  This number is found just above your Wedding Date.  This Transaction Number is required in all correspondence when inquiring about your order or when requiring a change to your order

Once you have submitted your order, you should receive an exact copy of your order by email that can be printed for your records. We recommend keeping the email order copy at least until the wedding has taken place. The email order copy contains all the information required when inquiring about your order. It also contains a tracking link (Arrow 7) that will advise you when the order has been shipped and provide a tracking number. (For more details on tracking an order and when to expect delivery, please visit our "Order Tracking" topic.

The customer email order copy also contains all information and details about the order, such as personalization requests with customer's exact spelling, wedding date (Arrow 8), any special shipping instructions, (Arrow 6) and cost of all items and shipping. It also provides a proof of quantity of items ordered and shipping method that was selected by the customer. Although the site offers multiple times to make changes or edit the order before submitting, it is critical if any mistakes are found to submit a "Request to Change an order" as soon as possible. This request must be completed by our customers and submitted as quickly as possible to maximize the ability to make changes to the order. It is the customers responsibility to submit this request, as our Customer Care Team are constantly working with several sites and multiple questions from each. Changes needed should have full details and be submitted right away, so the appropriate department may respond.

Below is an image showing the basic information locations on your order.  When you receive your order copy please check and make sure that all the information is correct.

Arrow 1 is your Transaction Number.  Arrow 2 is where your Shipping Address.  Arrow 3 is your Billing Information.  Arrow 4 is your email.  Please triple check and make sure it is correct incase we need to contact you.  Arrow 5 is your Payment Information.  Arrow 6 is your shipping method and estimated arrival date.  Arrow 7 is a link to follow your orders tracking.  Arrow 8 is your wedding date.

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