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Type of Payments Accepted & Pre-Authorization


Type of Payments Accepted:

When order is being submitted we accept Visa Debit, MasterCard, American Express and Visa Credit Cards.  

Pre-Authorization Explanation:

How Your Credit Card Charge is Processed

Although, many companies charge the moment your order is submitted; our processor's method is to do a pre-authorization (funds held) until items ship. So it may appear to our
customers that their funds were placed back into their account. Some of our customers think their orders were cancelled or something is wrong. This is not the case. This means
their order is getting ready or has already shipped and the pre-authorization has been lifted and the actual charge will now (or soon) appear on their credit card or bank statement.

Once you have received your order and any refunds or final charges for any changes that you may have asked for with your order, your credit card statement should be accurate.


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