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Pending Order Notification / Verifying Order Details


What to do if you:   "Received Pending Order Notification"

If you have received a "Pending Order Notification", it could be for a few reasons. There could be a problem with the processor recognizing your card information or the shipper may need verification of the shipping location or other details on your order, or perhaps an item had just gone out of stock.

You may receive a message similar to this:  

Pending Order #wond168220111000 (Sample only)

The following order experienced errors with payment processing. It has been marked as a pending order until payment can be manually verified. Please contact customer service to handle payment in order to continue with this order.

The steps to proceed with your order are simple.  All that is required, in these rare instances, is to call the toll free number shown below to contact our (Processor/Accounting Department).

 Please call during regular business hours (Mountain Time Zone).

Make sure to provide them with the order number (Transaction Number) from your order and let them know your order was with Wonderful Wedding Warehouse (Huge Wedding Savings).


A Customer Service Representative
toll-free at 1-800-661-8096 

Provide accounting or one of the Customer Service reps. with your Wonderful Wedding Warehouse order number (Transaction number) beginning with "Wond". If you are not sure where to find your order number, "Click Here". The Processor or Customer Service Rep. will explain to you what information was missed when you submitted your order, or what they need verified.  

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