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Item Personalization Choices



Personalization Options:

When personalization is available, our customer will see the personalize it Button. The button is usually located pretty close to the middle of the page on the same side as the quantity and unit prices. This button is only selected if personalization is wanted and is clicked on after quantity is selected and sometimes color as well. The fields/boxes above the personalize it, need to be selected first before our Customers can personalize the item.

Personalize It Button

Personalization options may include choices of fonts, logos, colors, sizes, and other features; which vary for every item.  For the sample above, this item only has two options which are Color and Quantity. Before it can be personalized, both choices need to be selected. The next two images show the selection choices and how to make the choice by clicking on the little pull down arrow on the side of each box. All boxes/fields should be reviewed and selected for possible choices.

Selecting a color Choice. These are the only color choices that are available for this item.

Selecting the Color

Selecting Quantity:  Some items have a minimum quantity that must be ordered, and some items must be ordered in units of 2, 6, 8 etc.

Selecting Quantity

Both choices made, time to click on Personalize it button.

This will open up more fields/boxes for other choices such as typing text, chosen fonts, logos and other options, depending on the choices for that item.

Personalize It

Once the fields are all filled in they must be checked for spelling, punctuations and capitalizations before the item/s can be added to the shopping bag. Next the check box must be checked (Red Check Mark above). Then our customer can click on the "Add to Bag" button.

Customers should review every "Purple Question Mark" shown in the Personalization fields for types of choices they can choose from and to aid in deciding how their item may look. This is especially important as there is no final preview to show how the item will actually look with the choices made.  See some examples of the "Purple Question Marks" below.

Choosing Ink Colors:

Colors Question Mark

Shows Colors

Choosing Print Formats:  Shows personalization with Logos, Monograms and text.

Print Formats

Showing Print Formats

Line Lettering Styles:  There are sometimes font choices that need to be decided upon carefully.  Be sure to check how each letter you will be using in your personalization (Capital and Lower Case letters) will look especially T's F's and J's.

Choose Viewing Letter Styles

Types of Letters

Special Customization Requests: 

It is sometimes possible to change colors or for customers to add their own Logos etc.  Special requests, if they can be done, can take some time for the design team to check over and for us to get back to our customers.  So customers should order with lots of time before their wedding if they are looking for something different than shown on our site.  We will get back to our customers with any extra customization fees that normally start at $ 30.00.  The fees are based on Setup Procedures and work involved.  There are no brand new items made by customer requests, and any customization that may be done must be on existing items only.

For customers interested in specialized customization, they should include in the General Inquiry Form, as much information as possible on the item they would like customized. Also, any art work or logos they would like used must be sent in a .pdf or .jpg format.  The design team may request a different type or a higher quality file later, but the .pdf or .jpg format will be fine for the preview.  Please allow up to 3 - 5 business days for one of our Customer Care Team Members to reply back with an answer from the Design Team.


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