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Ordering with Huge Wedding Savings (Wonderful Wedding Warehouse) has never been easier, with The New Site Operations and Our One-Step Checkout process.

From our Home Page at www.HugeWeddingsavings-canada.com or for our American customers www.hugeweddingsavings-usa.com, shop for New items, or from our list of categories shown across the top; Reception, Decor, Favors, Gifts, Stationary, Ceremony, accessories, Sale items, Themed items & more. Or use our easy search field, in the top left corner to search for a specific item or product number.

Huge Wedding Savings Home Page

From each product page our customers will find an array of information relating to the item they are viewing. From the Top left side, they will find images for viewing the wedding item along with possible uses and accessories that go well with that particular item. The bottom right of the page will also offer other items "You May Also Like". Product Details, Reviews & Product Questions & Answers all can be found on the left hand side below the product images. There are little arrows that can be clicked to open up for more information. If you do not find the information on this particular item we encourage our customers to click on the Product Questions & Answers, (Arrow 1) and type in their specific inquiry on that item.

The top Centre, right of the page shows both the regular retail price as well as our Special Discount Price. The Crossed out black price is the regular retail price and the Red price is our Customer's Discount Price, (Arrow 2). The Quantity Bar can have different prices within the bar and can be accessed by the arrow on the right of the bar, (Arrow 3). Within the price structure some favors and other items may have further discount prices totalling around 43% off when ordering at a maximum tier level (Quantity).

*Note for our customers to remember is on their order confirmation when submitting the order, there can be two prices shown. The Regular retail price as well as their discount price. Retail being crossed out and the actual Customer price below. Also on the last checkout page, there is a line showing how much our customer has saved by ordering from us.

Product Page Showing Product Questions & Answers, Quantity Bar & Discount Prices:

Product Page

Each item added to our Customer's Shopping bag/cart, can be viewed in the small preview shopping bag box at the top of our page at any time. You can also remove items from here at any time, making it easy to create just the right package of items prior to advancing to the checkout. Customers can continue previewing or adding other items by searching, or by clicking on the key words/categories on each page, or by using the back arrow in the browser.

When our customers have all their items selected, they simply click on "Check out" from the shopping bag at the top of the page.

Image Showing How to View Shopping Bag and Proceed to Checkout.

Check Out

Our customers will then come to a Preview page showing all items they selected and the subtotal before shipping and taxes, which will show up on the next checkout page. This preview page is a general overview of all items in your shopping bag and a way to adjust quantities, add or remove items if required.

Image shows Preview Page with quantities & totals before taxes & shipping:

Proceed to Checkout


Then our customers "Proceed To Checkout"

This is a one page does all Check Out. It provides our Customers with a Summary of what they purchased, along with being able to review their shopping bag again, as well as the ability to add Shipping insurance, Special Instructions for Ordering Process, selecting different (Faster) shipping methods and best of all, showing how much our customers have saved by shopping on our Online Discount Site.

Our customer will also find on this one page Check Out, small "Question Marks". These provide more information or examples of these fields.

The image below is the last stage before "Submitting" an order and couldn't be any easier or more straightforward. If any information is required but missed, our customers will not be able to submit the order until the missed field has been appropriately filled in.

For any customers who would like further description of the below Check Out page, we have some more screenshots with explanations with a more in-depth view of these special features.



One page Checkout

 * Note for order totals... Taxes may default to 5% or other amount, but will be changed and re-calculated when the customer's Province is properly selected. This change will be reflected in Summary Section as the changes are made.



Image shows taxes changing depending on Province Choosen

Taxes Changed


If customers is shipping to the same address as the billing address there is no need to type their information in more than once. This will be auto filled if clicking on "Ship to Billing Address".

Image shows where to click on "Ship to Billing Address"

Test Order all filled out


As customers fill in the fields and move down the page, The Wedding Date field will provide an easy calendar view for selecting their wedding date.

Image shows Wedding Date Calendar

Wedding Date Calendar


Below the Shipping Address Section, with the choices for your shipping, is the "Instructions for Order Processing" section.

Instructions for Order Processing:

This field, if selected, will show you some examples of what it can be used for. It is for such things as notes for leaving the parcel at a certain door, buzzer number, adding a personal logo to an item, etc. One of the more important notes that can be placed in this field is "Absolutely Latest date items needed for". Many customers sometimes have a wedding out of town, or even out of the country and need to have their items delivered by a certain date to take with them. This field can be used to let our shipping department know that the Needed date is much earlier than the Wedding Date.


Image Shows "Instructions for Order Processing"

Samples of Special Instructions

The next important field our customers come to is "Shipping Method". Here Customers can choose different shipping options to best suite their needs.

Shipping Method:

We offer Standard service with Estimated Shipping time frame to help customers save money and faster delivery services for customers who need their orders quickly.  Choose wisely for saving money and for calculating when you can expect delivery.

Shipping Methods


Next is Payment Information:  All information is secure and not saved.

Payment Info Not Saved


The next field is another option for customers to view their shopping bag right from this last check Out page.  This is an all in one preview.  No need to go back and leave the Check Out processing page.

Summary Details - ability to view items and Add Shipping Insurance

View Bag before Submitting


Promo Code:

HUGE WEDDING SAVINGS, because of our year round discounts of 20% off regular retail prices, as well as up to 43% off some bulk item tiers, does not currently use Promo Codes. We are continually offering sales on items, our regular discounts and everyday low prices.

With our pricing, this normally does not change during the season/year, and we expect to have the same structure throughout the whole wedding season.

In addition to these discount prices, the manufacturer will have additional sales on selected items which will lower our price even more. For these items we cannot predict when the sales will be on and come off again, so we suggest our customers purchase early and take advantage of any deal they like.

A few Stock Notes to keep in mind:

December/January usually marks the start of discontinued items, although some discontinued items can take place throughout the season. There can be up to 15 - 20% of all our stock discontinued each season and again we have no control on what the manufacture might discontinue.

Order Early for Less Wedding Stress:

Some items are very popular; however, sometimes out of stock and back order situations arise and it can be several months before more items are made again. So ordering early is always advisable. "Plan Ahead to be Wed", ("Less Wedding Stress")

If an item is out of stock, you may request an email asking when that item will be available again. Our customers can do that right from that product page if it shows an out of stock notification.

At Huge Wedding Savings, we try to offer the best deal we can on a regular basis and for all Customers and couples alike, making us truly a Wonderful Wedding Warehouse.

Adding on Shipping Insurance:

If customers are worried about their parcel and breakage on route to them, insurance may be purchased on this final checkout page. Only adding a few dollars to their order total for a little Less Wedding Stress.

Submit Order:

In such a short time and easy process our customers are here. Their wedding is planned with items chosen to make their special day the very best it can be, with decorative, personalized, unique products delivered right to their door. All that is left is to click on Submit Order.



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