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Having A Problem Placing an Order or not Sure of Procedures

With all the different internet browsers and computers that update almost daily with various software, along with the number of product choices and personalization options (on our site), little problems with site operations can occur from time to time.

  • If you are seeing a message such as "This page can't be displayed" or if you cannot proceed to the next checkout page please try the following suggestions below:

    Clear your cache and browsing History then try entering the site from the very start again at www.Hugeweddingsavings-canada.com for our Canadian Customers and www.Hugeweddingsavings-usa.com for our American Customers.  

  • Try using a totally different browser than the one you were using. You might be using Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera or Apple Safari.  Try changing to a different one then the one you first tried.

  • It could be your Search engine is outdated and you might want to update the version you are using.  However, just trying a different search engine might be the quickest fix.

  • Perhaps the difficulty is with the device you are using. Try switching from your mobile device to a desktop computer or vice-versa.

  • If you are able to try your order on a family member or friend's computer, this will tell you right away if the problem is a software issue on your device or the problem is consistent across all platforms.

If you are able to send us a screen shot of the error message or the page where the problem is occurring, our IT Department can run some diagnostics. Please send this as an attachment through our "Ask a Question" tab on our General Inquiry/Contact Information page.

Once we have discussed the issue with our IT Department we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

If the problem is at our end and cannot be fixed soon, we can take all your information in an email so we can place your order from our processor. Then you will be asked to call to provide your credit card information and to be available to review your order once we submit it to confirm all information, before it will be processed.

We apologize for any inconvenience.  Our regular phone orders were dropped a few years ago due to the number of personalized items and the accuracy needed in the order details.   Our systems have been devised to make our ordering process very user friendly and easy with a one-step check out process.  If you are new to online ordering please ask a family member or friend who is familiar with online shopping for some assistance.

For a step by step walk-through of our ordering process, and other information on order time frames, shipping costs and policies, please visit our Support site at www.Wedding.Support

If your question has been answered, you can easily return to our site at:

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