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Did We Receive Your Order / Is it Being Processed



How do you know if we have received your order and is it being processed?

  1. When placing your order and you have clicked "Submit Order" after you have entered all your billing and shipping information, you will be shown a Thank You page containing your order's transaction number, beginning with "Wond" and followed by 12 numbers.

    Due to some rounding and logistics, the Thank You Page is only used as proof that your order was submitted properly. Sometimes, pricing with our 20% discount may not show on the manufacture's thank you page, although it is included. An Exact copy of your order including the discount prices from our site product pages will show up in an email.

  2. Within a few minutes of submitting your order, if you correctly entered your email address, you will receive an email copy of your order.  If you entered an incorrect email address, which you can tell from your sent email folder, then no order confirmation will be sent to you.  Please contact us for an order copy and to make sure your order was submitted.

    Your email order copy should be proofed as soon as you receive it, for all billing, shipping and personalization information. Time to make any corrections is very limited and sometimes cannot be done at all.

    Any changes needed must be reported to us right away from our "Urgent Request Tickets/Forms".

  3. You will also know that we have received your order if you receive a pre-delivery email letter from us containing basic information about your order and informing you of our Wedding Support Site which has many answers to commonly asked questions along with the fastest method for you to send a request or question to us. Plus, in this letter at the bottom, will be another copy of your order to keep with the information we sent to you.

    Your email order copy will also contain "Track Your Order Status".  When your order ships, this will contain a FedEx tracking number. Do not worry if this shows "processing" for a period of time and sometimes right up until a few days before the Estimated Delivery Time.

When checking on When an order has shipped from: "TRACK YOUR ORDER STATUS".

The tracking link may show still "Processing". This is normal as some orders may require a longer time in personalization, picking and shipping departments. If an order is running close to the Estimated Delivery Date, then our shipper will often ship overnight (at their expense)
to make up the extra time. This means once you see the tracking number, the order could arrive as early as the next day. If you have several weeks before your wedding, please be patient and allow for delivery within a few days (either side) of your ETA Date. Do keep an eye on the "Processing" message and for a tracking number to appear. Once an order ships, FedEx will normally only hold an order for 5 business days before sending a parcel back. If there are any problems with your order such as an Out of Stock/Discontinued Item or processing error, you will be contacted as soon as possible. Please watch for any email notices right up until your order is delivered.

Checking for Emails:

Due to various, different and complex email software or programs designed to filter out spam and junk mail, it is common for many legitimate emails from  companies, family and friends to end up in your junk/spam folders by error.  It is a good practice to look in these folders frequently,  especially when expecting emails from someone in particular.

All orders are processed immediately upon receipt:

The message above will appear on your email order copy confirmation. This means we operate  near a 100% electronic system. Once an order is submitted, some information is electronically fed into machines for personalization, and orders are automatically time stamped. Pulling an order from the process to try and place on hold or to cancel is not always possible and requires a timely and manual process. When a change has been asked for immediately after submitting
an order does not mean it can necessarily be done. So going to our support site at www.Wedding.Support is very important if changes are required. Once your ticket/request has been submitted to our Support site, please allow 24 - 36 hours for a reply as your request has automatically been sent to the appropriate department. You will receive an email letting you know if your request could be handled or not, once the department has had time to take action and reply.


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