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We do our best to clearly show our products, including multiple viewing angles.  We also strive to clearly show dimensions and when applicable, describe the composition of our products.

At Wonderful Wedding Warehouse, we offer over 3000 items from our (Huge Wedding Savings) site alone. Unfortunately we do not offer free samples as this becomes a logistic nightmare. Most shipments are sent by FedEx in a standard procedure. This allows us to keep shipping rates as competitive as possible while still covering the cost in the picking/packaging departments.

However if you cannot choose, or you need to make a decision based on touch and feel; many of our products can be ordered individually as a sample.

Even  though it is necessary to pay for shipping, a sample can reassure that you have found the perfect item.  In addition, you will have something physical to show family and friends, for opinions.

If you do not see the message "ORDER A SAMPLE FOR" on the product page, then unfortunately samples are not currently available for that particular item so you will need to purchase the minimum quantity required.

Ordering a Sample 

At Wonderful Wedding Warehouse (Huge Wedding Savings) we understand the expense of a wedding and do our best to offer the best deal we can. This is why we offer 20% off all items 365 days a year. In addition, we also have bulk discounts on several items that are normally ordered in quantity (i.e. wedding favors) which can lead to savings of up to 45% on the top quantity tier.

Ordering Samples & Associated Fees:

Some of our product pages offer samples and what this does, is allow you to order one item instead of the package quantity that is required for purchasing that item. It removes the minimum number that is required to be purchased. The normal shipping cost for a single item will be approximately $9.75. We realize that this is a little bit of money to spend on perhaps one or two items; however, it is a small price to pay for reassurance that our customers are receiving the right item for them. Even if these items are not exactly what our couples might be looking for, they can still be used as special gifts or perhaps unique decorations. Ordering Samples is a comparable cost to driving to various stores in search of a particular item that may or may not be in stock.

Any item our customers are not totally satisfied with and have not been customized, personalized, or opened from their individual packaging can of course be returned for a full refund of the product cost. The customer is responsible for return shipping costs. Many couples find that small items are not worth the expense of sending back, instead they may give the samples away, use them as a decorations, or sell them as a yard sale item.


You can order a catalog online in two ways:

  1. From the catalog ordering page by clicking the Canada or Usa link below  www.hugeweddingsavings-canada.com or www.hugeweddingsavings-usa.com

  2. At the bottom of the Home page where you can change currency or measurement, you will see an APPLY Button.  Right under this row you will see a Request Magazine link.

  3. Or by hovering over the Sale Category from the top of any page.

Book from Sale Topic




Mailing catalogs has become a huge expense and also a large demand on the paper industry and our environment. Similar to offering free samples, it creates a time restraint in the picking and packaging department and added expenses to ship the heavy catalogs. We have not offered free catalogs from any of our sites in about 8 years.  However, there is something to be said for picking up a book and leafing through the pages at one's leisure and this is why the paper version of Catalogs are still available.

Again, at Wonderful Wedding Warehouse we appreciate the expense of a wedding and that is why all through the year, our couples will find deals on purchasing the catalog. The catalog is usually priced at $6.39 Canadian and at times has been as low as $3.95 plus shipping of approximately $ 9.75 This is a small fee to pay for so many wedding ideas and helpful planning tips. If you would like a catalog and some samples consider ordering them at the same time and you will only have one shipping cost. You can order the catalog from the home page at www.hugeweddingsavings-canada.com or www.hugeweddingsavings-usa.com  or on the checkout page as mentioned above. Feel free to experiment by adding things to your shopping bag along with a catalog and check out your order summary.


What you'll find in the 2016 Magazine: 

The 2016 issue of the magazine is a time-saving resource for brides-to-be and wedding planners alike.  This magazine will be a helpful guide when it comes to planning your wedding.  With 160 pages jam-packed with gorgeous wedding inspirations and product information right at your finger tips.  Features include our Fully Dressed Favors, brand new Cake toppers, DIY project inspiration, the hottest Bridal Party gifts of the year as well as over 8 different wedding styles.  We're here to help you celebrate beautifully and personalize your wedding!

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