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Track an Order / No Order Confirmation Received



Tracking an Order:  

All orders can be tracked from the copy of your invoice, which was emailed to you, immediately after your order was placed. 

Note: If you did not receive an email copy and /or you do not have an order confirmation (transaction number), then your order was not submitted properly. Before contacting us, please check all your email folders including your spam folder and deleted folder. If you still do not see an order copy, please ask us to check if we received your order. Be sure to provide the name you used on the order, the date you tried submitting the order and your shipping or billing postal code/zip code used.  It is likely you will need to place the order again.

From your order:

The tracking link is highlighted in blue, near the top of your order (Red Arrow). When you click on the link, you will be taken to a web page, which will give your order status and a link to the courier tracking web site.

Track Your Order


What you will see from the tracking Link:

You will receive one of the following three possible status codes:

  • APPROVED    - Your credit card was successfully authorized.

  • PROCESSING - Your order is being prepared, but has not been shipped.

  • SHIPPED       - Your order has been shipped.

If your order has been shipped; the carrier (FedEX) and a clickable tracking number will be shown.

By clicking on the tracking number, you will be taken to the FedEx web site, where detailed tracking of your shipment will be displayed.

Note: It may take up to 24 hours after an order has shipped, before a tracking number is available on FedEX's web site.

Why does my order still show Processing:

Check your Estimated time of Arrival (ETA), for your parcel. The estimated delivery date on your order is based on previous years stats for average in-house processing times and couriers average delivery times. This is the approximate date you should receive your parcel based on past orders. Processing will not change to a tracking number, until your order has shipped or the shipping department has received a tracking number from the courier.

Note: On some occasions when the shipping department or personalization departments are extremely busy your order may appear not to be moving if it still shows processing. There is no need to worry if you have plenty of time before your wedding. If a department requires more time, than when your order does ship it can be bumped up to a faster shipping to still reach you within a day or two of your estimated time frame for receiving your order. We ask that only Customers whose weddings are very near their estimated delivery date inquire if they are worried about the message "Processing".

You need the parcel before your Estimated Delivery Date:

 If you will be travelling out of town and need the order before your ETA, please notify us as soon as possible and we will see what our supplier/shipper can do. Please fill out and submit the Customer Ticket Form as quickly as possible. This might incur extra shipping or processing costs and you will be notified accordingly. 

Why did I not receive an Order Confirmation:  

Did you receive an email copy of your order?
Did you provide us with your correct email address? (This is the number one reason why our customers do not receive an order copy or correspondence.)  Please make sure your email address is correct in all correspondence.

Did you reach the Thank You page and see your Order Conformation Number?

If you did not receive either of the above, it is possible you did not click the Submit button from the "Final Check out Page with your order Summary" during the checkout process. Or in some rare cases there can be a server time out originating from some unique server locations or a computer issue.

Let us know, if you did not receive a copy of your order, after checking your email folders and Spam folders. We will verify if we have the order in our system or if you need to try placing the order again.

For an order copy or to check to see if we received your order, send us your inquiry from
"General Inquiries / Contact Information".

What else could be holding up my Order:
(You did not receive your order)

If your order contains chocolate bars, the bars will take 3 weeks for delivery and you will receive the rest of your order before the chocolate bars arrive. For more information on Chocolate Bars see our Chocolate Bar Section.

In rare cases an item listed as stocked was actually out of stock or your order depleted the remaining stock, with not enough to fill your order.  If this happend you should have received an email, indicating that the item is on back order or discontinued.

If you did not receive an email about an item sold out or discontinued, then most likely an incorrect email address was given to us or our email is being erroneously blacked by an Anti-Spam filter.

In such a scenario, your order would have been placed on hold, waiting for your instructions. However if we do not hear back within a week, we attempt to call, or leave a voice mail and in some cases when the wedding or event date is very near, we ship out the remainder of the order.

I did not receive my Order but it shows Delivered:

If the tracking information shows the package delivered, and you did not receive the package, please check with any other occupants or neighbors, to see if they have accepted the package on your behalf.  Please contact us, if this is not the case.

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