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How to Save Your Wish List / Or Create an Account


Creating your Wish List:

When you are visiting our Huge Wedding Savings site it is an advantage to be able to save the items that you think you would like to purchase for your wedding or other event.  You may want to look over other items on a weekend or to show to family or friends and will not be ordering for a week or so. So we have made it easy to save your favorites and then come back to place your order.

Here is what to do:

Choose an item that you would like to have.  Look for the heart with a plus sign to the right of the product you selected and down by the "Add to Bag" or "Personalize It!" Bar.  (Arrow A in image below).  When there are no products on your wish list the heart looks like the one beside Arrow B, at the top of the page next to the Shopping Bag.

Wishlist 1

Once you have chosen an item the hearts become filled in and the one at the top shows the number of items you have added to your wish list.  The image below shows how it will look after one product selection.

Wishlist 2

After your first product selection, click on the heart at the top of the page with number 1 in it.  Below is an image of what you will see when you get there.  If you already have an account with us click on "Sign In".  If you don't have an account then you can click on "Create Account".  If you would prefer not to create an account you can try this and in most cases your information will not be lost if your browser history is set not to clear after each use. If when you close your browser you loose all items that you have added to your wish list, you can try changing your Browser History settings and then the items should remain in your Wish List even if you power of your computer and go back on later.  (You would have to choose not to clear browser when it is closed).  If you are looking for wedding advice, inspirations and more, you can set up an account.

Wishlist 3

After clicking "Create Account" Or "Sign In" below is the page you will see.

Wishlist 4 

Next, if you have an account put in your email address and your password then click "Login".  If you don't have an account yet then fill in each section and click "Create Account".  Below is the page that you will see next.

Wishlist 6

Each time that you add an item to your list it will be added to the page above and the number of items on your list will show in the heart at the top of the product pages and your wish list page.

Wishlist 7


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